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A Tribe Without Colours

01 Aug 2010

An aural and visual exploration of the accidental tribe of colourblind people. It comes in the form of an interactive website, featuring video and audio. You can view A Tribe Without Colours online.

I also produced a standalone audio piece, intended for broadcast, stemming from the audio portion of the interactive website.

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A Tribe Without Colours is an aural and visual exploration of the ‘accidental’ tribe of colourblind people. Roughly 8% of males and just 0.4% of females have varying degrees of colour vision problems – the most common being the difficulty to differentiate between red and green. It is a substantial tribe in terms of membership, yet most members wouldn’t know each other.

Nonetheless, it is a ‘shared experience’ – and those without colour vision issues determine the colourblind as being incorrect. Through audio interviews with a number of colourblind males, we delve in to their minds – hearing both feelings, experiences and opinions. They explore the concept of belonging to a colourblind tribe, consider how the condition affects them, and whether the colours they see are ‘wrong’ or just ‘different.’

This multimedia experience communicates the experience of colourblindness through interactive tests and stories told by our interviewees, accompanied by a range of stimulating visual material. It questions the underlying assumption humans have; that the only reality is the one that they can see. The intention of the project (presented as an interactive website) is not to provide a straightforward educational explanation, but encourage the user to actively explore the material and experientially discover through this process.

A Tribe Without Colours was produced by Ross Richardson, Simon Gough, Ke Zheng & Lisa Bradley

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