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Dialing Halifax

11 Jul 2013

An hour-long feature on new music from Halifax, Canada. It aired Thursday July 11 at 7pm AEST, on Triple R 102.7FM in Melbourne. You can stream and hear it in full at RRR’s website.

One small city on the eastern edge of Canada is brimming with talented pop bands: Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Halifax sound is one of intricate math-rock guitar lines and the subversion of pop tropes – permeating across genres. What makes this city’s music scene thrive?

To find out, host Ross Richardson calls Aaron Levin of emerging independent music patron Weird Canada, Halifax college radio host Trevor Murphy, and Haligonian jangle-pop quartet Old and Weird.

Uncover the roots of the Halifax sound, the supportive ‘art-school’ creative culture, life on the ground for bands, and it’s context in the Canadian music scene. Plus some of the best new songs coming from this Atlantic outpost.