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Sonic Explorations

Sculptors in Sound

These five audio works are 'Sonic Explorations' of the world of sculpture, through the eyes of the RMIT Sound Studio class, led by Robbie Rowlands. Working with leading Australian sculptors, the students delve in to the artist's studios, attempt to uncover meaning in an abstract world, and address the all-important question of money.

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Loser Takes All

by Iasha Chapman & Milan Stephens

Take a closer look at the 'Art Prize Show' and explores ideas of money, success and competition within the art community. Artists involved in the McClelland Sculpture Survey and Award, as well as the Director, Robert Lindsay, give their individual opinions on prize shows, the effect a 'prize' can have on the public sphere and how they can benefit and enhance the art world.

Studio Symphony

by Rose Paton, Ross Richardson & Susie Anderson

This collaborative audio project explored three different sculptors studios through three sonic explorations by three different sound artists, tied together by a reading from Gaston Bachelard's Poetics of Space. The three sculptors featured in this piece are in order: Clive Murray-White, Jason Waterhouse & Joanne Mott

Wh@† ¡§ ^®†?

by Chris Ang & Melissa Wong

This experimental music piece set out to explore the percussive nature of tools and the studio enviroments. Working with experimental music as a support structure, bits and pieces of artist's takes on 'Art' is edited in sequence in an attempt to search for the question that defines art. Using percussive and vocally driven sounds and edits, this is an attempt to create a piece in search of artistic value.

Trapped in Meaning

by Gabriel Janover & Emily Shields

Life in Art

by Glen Morrow & Andrew Erlanger

How does an artist make a living out of their practice in the contemporary landscape? And at what point does a hobby become a profession? This audio piece explores the stories of three artists, who discuss their lives, their art, and their careers.

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Robbie Rowlands